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Mel Robbins: Stop Overthinking and Start Living ( Motivation Video )


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We think about what to do, what not to do, and what would be “best” for us and for everyone around us.

But how often do we think about our thinking? When do we stop to question why we over-think, whether it’s productive, and how to overcome it?

The first time a true bout of over-thinking grappled me was when I graduated from college.

For many, this time comes as a quarter-life crisis, and the event often repeats itself later in life. It’s the time to decide what we will do with our lives, and what careers we will pursue.

We want to make a true difference, help society, and live well. Although acquiring a comfortable desk job may be easier, it doesn’t have such a gripping appeal.

And so begins a rare human trait that we would surely benefit from evolving out of: rumination.

Sleepless nights came more regularly than I ever could have predicted. Confusion was my norm. Indecisiveness became expected. Uncertainty was my only certainty.

Fortunately, however, I didn’t drive myself nuts (or so I believe). Underlying the distress was an organic curiosity, and this led me to question my approach. What I came to learn truly changed my life.

I managed to collate a number of strategies for effectively reducing over-thinking. Below are some of my favorite simple and easy-to-implement insights and strategies:

Motivational Video

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